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A simple yet meaningful Christ centered Christmas tradition that you can do with your family or give as a gift. They are ornament kits that you can purchase.


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Lesson 22: RepentanceLesson 22 Repentance sm


  • • Even though I have repented, I still feel guilty. How can I know if I have been truly forgiven?
  • • When we make serious mistakes we are taught to seek the Lord’s forgiveness by talking with the bishop. Why is that necessary? How can the bishop help me?

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  • Sometimes even after we repent, we may still feel guilty. How can we know if we have been truly forgiven?

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Lesson 22 Repentance sm

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Lesson 22 Repentance sm

Lesson 22 Repentance sm

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# Tami H. 2012-06-23 21:08
The song is from "My turn on Earth"
# Jacque H 2012-06-10 10:55
I love the one with all the little colored pencils down the side. I recognize that song, but can't remember what it's from. Can you help me? Thanks, your ideas and handouts are wonderful!

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