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A simple yet meaningful Christ centered Christmas tradition that you can do with your family or give as a gift. They are ornament kits that you can purchase.


Find some of the 2014 Primary images I used for my printables at this web sites



New Beginnings

New Beginnings is an annual event for young women and their parents, priesthood leaders, and Young Women leaders. Young women who will reach age 12 in the coming year are also invited to attend with their parents. It may be held at the beginning of the school year or the calendar year. It may be held during Mutual.


Written on 29/05/2012, 07:23 by admin
YW personal progress "frog theme"  - A Frog Went by Our theme this year for New Beginnings was "Leap into Personal Progress" and we held it on leap day. I am not in our ward YW anymore but they asked me to do a skit for the evening to introduce PP and then the PP coordinator would go into more...
Written on 24/04/2012, 14:04 by admin
Big Picture  New Beginnings  Idea #2 Original Big Picture Idea - download temple pictures from the Original Big Picture Page The Big Picture another variation     Hi there, Our ward recently used the "Big Picture" New Beginnings idea listed on your site for Young...
Written on 14/01/2013, 14:56 by admin
  Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress New Beginnings This is a VERY easy and simple evening. "5" is what we are using to connect this together, if you have a thought, please leave it in the comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!     This year we are going to...
Written on 25/04/2012, 09:30 by admin
Lamp of Virtue New Beginnings Skit Thanks to Lauri Fredrickson of Idaho for sharing this skit with us The Eight VERY Beautiful Daughters of Eileen Baba Cast of Characters:             Eileen Baba,...
Written on 24/04/2012, 13:53 by admin
Live Like You Believe- YW New Beginnings Invitation and Program Thanks to Amanda, Burlap & Denim From Orem, Ut for sharing Share: YW New Beginnings Invitation and Program When you go to her site she...
Written on 30/04/2012, 06:57 by admin
New Beginnings Game Night & Personal Progress Taboo game   Click on link below for more info on their New Beginnings night. I'd like to submit my New Beginnings Game Night & Personal Progress Taboo game: Amanda Richards Orem, UT Burlap &...
Written on 24/04/2012, 17:07 by admin
  Personal Progress/ Value Mall We used this idea for our New Beginnings, it WAS GREAT!! We had so many parents tell us is was great! Be based the idea off another one read on a LDS YW yahoo group, they said:   We asked each advisor to take a Personal Progress value and prepare a "sales...
Written on 29/05/2012, 07:13 by admin
Personal Progress Mall / Mall of Values ( New Beginnings or other joint activity) FILES       PP Mall logo.jpg132.79 KB Value Mall Logo.jpg101.43 KB   The invitation was made like a brochure of the mallI do not have this in am editable format, I use...
Written on 19/01/2013, 08:42 by admin
Places You'll Stand - New Beginnings Idea from Jill Revelli at Hatch Patch Creations I haven't figured out my entire evening for New Beginnings yet, but here is a very rough outline. I thought it was such a fun theme, I wanted to share it before everyone starts to...
Written on 25/04/2012, 09:33 by admin
Remember Who You Are Our theme for the evening was "Remember Who You Are". Our invites had on the front cover a blue (Divine Nature) hand with a ribbon bow in the value colors tied around the index finger. For the evening we started off with the opening song Teach Me to Walk in the Light. The YW sang...
Written on 27/04/2012, 10:42 by admin
Stand As A Witness At All Times Thanks to Kathy H. for sharing this great idea!   I thought I would share what we did for New beginnings this week. Our theme was "Stand As A Witness At All Times". We were in the ReliefSociety room. We decorated the R.S. table with different clocks and...
Written on 31/12/2012, 22:24 by admin
Stand Ye in Holy Places Program Here is a cute idea!
Written on 09/03/2013, 06:12 by admin
New Beginnings - The Big Picture variation   This is shared to us from A. Parker (thank you) If people wish to contact me with questions or want the Word file of the pictures to adjust the order they can contact me at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I have attached PDF files of what the girls read...
Written on 24/04/2012, 14:04 by admin
The Big Picture!   Another couple of idea - Big Picture New Beginnings Idea #2 / The Big Picture another variation   The Idea started when my sister asked if I could help her with and printing job, she wanted to take a picture and have it blown up into a large size (size...
Written on 25/04/2012, 09:30 by admin
The Prophet of Oz The skit was written to go along  with the 2003 Mutual Theme.  Additional lyrics to the song "Somewhere over  the rainbow" were written by Karen D. Cindy LaHuePalm Bay 1st WardCocoa Florida Stake Thank you Cindy and Karen  for working hard on this program and to...
Written on 25/04/2012, 09:41 by admin
Value Fruit Salad Now that Virtue (gold) has been added to the values, we need to add to this salad. So here are some of my thoughts of what to use. Banana's- maybe to yellow Golden Apples Another ideas is to change it to a Fruit Pizza and use the "golden" crust for Virtue. For Virtue we are mixing...
Written on 28/04/2012, 07:43 by admin
Virtue Academy  -written by Crystal E. Laurel President   Virtue Academy Flashlight Examples Cast of Characters Detective………...….A young women concerned with the growing trends of the world. Assistant……………………Timid, yet bright, the detective couldn’t make it without her. Scripture...
Written on 25/04/2012, 09:14 by admin
What Is New Beginnings? (straight from LDS.ORG) New Beginnings is an annual event for young women and their parents, priesthood leaders, and Young Women leaders. Young women who will reach age 12 in the coming year are also invited to attend with their parents. It may be held at the beginning of the...

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# Julie 2014-01-02 22:28
I love your idea! Have you though about making your small value apps as a larger table cloth cover for your tables? Then make center pieces with card stock boxes and have the apps printed on the five sides that would show?
You could make book marks as little tablets (ipads) with the YW page[censored]e Follow Me on it!
Seems you could have lots of fun with your theme!
# nichole 2013-01-16 21:32
My idea for New Beginnings is to have parents and girls bring laptops/ipads for NB. While there, explain to the parents and the girls how to sign up for the Personal Progress online. We could get most of our yw online this way. We thought it would be cute to decorate with the yw values made into 8 different "apps". I am having a hard time[censored]i ng up with other decorating ideas and invitations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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