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Find some of the 2014 Primary images I used for my printables at this web sites




Looking for Personalized Digital Subway Art, Invitations, announcemetns and more?


Family Rules - Chalk Boardsm TallMorocanpinkBaptism subway art LT Green background


Look no farther! Visit YOU PRINT GRAPHICS 

Reminder Stickers - Primary 2013 2013 REMINDERS - Avery 5163  Set 1

Here is a sticker that can be filled out for a talk, prayer and scripture etc, I print them out on 2x4 shipping labels, which I buy at places like Staples or Office Max, Office Max has there own brand which makes them even cheaper, it is number #86111, and they come in 10 labels per sheets with 25 sheets, so you get 250 labels, for about $9.00, but you can buy more in bulk and pay cheaper! These are in PDF format, ready to print on labels


NOTICE!! When printing a PDF file on to stickers, labels or CD labels: When you click print what does the "Page Scaling" say?? I have been looking in to this a little more, people have told me that the are not fitting/printing right to the paper, you will need make sure that the "Page scaling" say NONE, I print in that, when I printed in "fit to printer margins" it was off!! So try this and it should print right!!


I have had several ask if I can put up a editable file of these stickers, the answer is yes and no, reason is, I could put it up but I use a software called Printmaster, most don't have it or have even heard of it. So putting the editable file of the stickers up will not help, since you will not be able to open it. Also I do not have a editable version for each month, I just replace the picture and scripture for each new month that I make! Sorry about that.

I promise I will get all the months done for 2013.

2013 REMINDERS - Avery 5163  Set 1




 AUG-pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 aug set 1.pdf103.53 KB


SEPT: pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 sept set 1.pdf183.95 KB


Oct: pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Oct set 1.pdf117.41 KB


Nov:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Nov set 1.pdf172.14 KB


Dec:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Dec set 1.pdf4.63 MB

2013 REMINDERS - Avery 5163  Set 2




AUG-pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 aug set 2.pdf74.14 KB


SEPT: pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 sept set 2.pdf80.59 KB


Oct:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Oct set 2.pdf125.89 KB


Nov:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Nov set 2.pdf172.14 KB


Dec:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Dec set 2.pdf4.64 MB

2013 REMINDERS - Avery 5163  Set 3




AUG - pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 aug set 3.pdf64.37 KB


SEPT: pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 sept set 3.pdf81.8 KB


OCT:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Oct set 3.pdf109.06 KB


NOV:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Nov set 3.pdf161.53 KB


DEC:pdf2013 reminders - avery 5163 Dec set 3.pdf4.62 MB

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